Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Skirt on the Wild Side

When I was pouring through the skirt racks at Savers, I immediately grabbed this piece and did not put it down:

I mean, it was obviously too long but look at that pattern at the bottom!  Giraffes!  It's also a broomstick skirt so I figured that shortening it would be easy.

I used my red skirt as a pattern since it was similarly flowy.  I didn't leave a seam allowance because my red skirt is a touch too long and hits me right below the knees if I don't roll the waist band up.

Chop!  I used the pattened "fold the cut part over as you go to keep your hem straight" technique here.  It tooks some time since there was an amazing amount of fabric here.  Can you see how great those giraffes are, though?

Next I pinned alll that fabric at the top and then stitched it down to make a casing for my new elastic waistband.

I threaded the elastic through and stitched it together!

And voila!  A fantastic, flowy skirt in my favorite flame-y colors.  I immediately wore it to work the next day and got a million compliments.  It's super fun to twirl in, although probably dangerous for windy days.

I will note that despite my folding my hem was not perfectly even.  It was only off by an inch and a half in one place, though, and I found that if I kept the shorter side in front the hem looked even because my butt lifted the longer side just the right amount!  So, yay for happy accidents, and my large caboose. ;)


  1. Love the giraffes!

    I have that problem with hems, too. If a garment is straight on the hanger, it's shorter in the back when I'm wearing it. I've resorted to wearing pants most of the time but I should just change how I hem instead.

    1. Yeah, a slight high low hem solves that problem nicely.