Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hawaiian Dress to Work Blouse

Here it is: my very first refashion.  I had just mainlined waaaay too much Refashionista and decided to give this sewing clothes into different clothes thing a go.  First, I stopped by Savers on my way to work and lucked upon this swanky dress:

Amazing print and fabric, but way too huge and shapeless.  I am not actually a gigantic pear with a human head on top, but this dress (muu muu?) would like you to think so.  I chopped off a good amount of length, took it in a little right under the bust, and swapped it back to front so that the V at my spine was now over my bust.  The excess from the skirt got folded in half and turned into a great sash:

Voila! The pleats were original to the dress and made for some great neckline detailing.  And because the lopped off fabric became a sash, this project was a zero waste one too!  There was no tag saying what fabric this was made out of, but there was this one that I had to remove when I flipped it:

Thanks for the awesome new work shirt, Hawaii!


  1. Your new shirt looks fantastic! Great job.

    1. Thanks! It's been a great addition to my work woredrobe.